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user-useitIntra-product-type consistency, the Recognition and intuitiveness present within a product, is a key component in determining the overall Usability of a product. For an air travel website to be usable, it should have some basic, recognizable, consistency with other airline products. For example, on the top-left region of most every air travel website you will find a form to enter starting and destination locations, departure and return dates, as well as the number of passengers traveling on the given trip.

Quick-UX provides for the rapid, simple and quantifiable assessment of a product’s User Experience (UX). In answering the question of Usability, "Can I use it?" the sub-category of Recognition is one of frequent discussion, especially in the latest wave of online products and how they handle content presentation and interaction.

Today, we will look at an example of an Internet product with Broad Recognition, representing a Recognition value of 1.

Example: Broad Recognition (value = 1)


The typical event planner either presents all of the event options on one simple page, clearly allowing for the control of all facets of an event, or distributes the event creation into a directed, common sequence of steps (a,b,c,d..)

pingg provides a good example of an event planner with Broad Recognition, a Recognition value of 1. From the moment you arrive at pingg, there is no question as to what you can accomplish with the product, with clearly recognizable ‘Create’ buttons throughout the product. pingg‘s event creation process puts everything both expected and needed right in one place, on a single page.


The event creation page allows for easy, familiar review of the controls that have come to be standards within the online event planning market space. The event details allow for providing as much or as little information as may be required with respect to the date, time and location — each visual component interfacing through standard methods (e.g. the date selection is made via a calendar drop-down).


The guest list too, is right at the user’s fingertips, and ready to import a friend list or take manual entry of each guest.


All of the labels and sections on the pingg website use very familiar terminology and cater to the base inclinations inherent to defining and launching events through the help of online tools, extending throughout the product, and also evident on the user’s homepage / dashboard.


pingg‘s presentation of a broadly recognizable User Experience eliminates the need to hunt and poke and click to figure out where, and if, something being sought is available.

To help everyone gain a deeper understanding of Quick-UX and how to benefit from performing quick, quantitative analyses of User Experience, I am, over the course of this series providing real-world examples of Recognition values…

Broad Recognition (value 1)

Fair Recognition (value 0.5)

Poor Recognition (value 0)

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