TBPP2019_alt-abrv-114The Best Product Person (#TBPP) is the leading international award honoring excellence in Product Management. Established in 2010, TBPP is awarded annually in association with The Product Guy and The Product Group (http://meetup.com/theproductgroup).

TBPP recognizes 1 person each year, invites them to speak and share their knowledge and experience with the larger product community.  The nominations can be submitted by anyone.  Over the course of the year, the various nominees are interviewed and the finalists narrowed down to 1: The Best Product Person of the year.

This year’s deadline for submissions is: October 1st, 2019.

Submit your nomination’s…

  1. name,
  2. a paragraph as to why you think they are The Best Product Person of 2019, and
  3. how they can be contacted.

You can submit your nomination for TBPP 2019 at: http://TheBestProductPerson.com

  1. You must know the Product Person you are nominating, as they can expect to be contacted by Jeremy Horn, The Product Guy, for consideration as The Best Product Person of this year.
  2. And, yes, you can nominate yourself.

At the end of the year, the winner will be selected and they will receive “something special(see 2018’s prize below).

Submit your nomination today!

What’s the process?

The strong nominees will be interviewed (email / phone) and evaluated for excellence in Product along the following lines of discussion…

  • Becoming a Product Person
  • Your Product
  • Advice to Product People
  • Future & Trends

Who votes?

The community votes through the submission of their nominations.  Last year, the winner was nominated by numerous people.

What type of Product Person is eligible?

Product Manager, Strategist, Designer, Marketer, Analyst, Developer, …

We are seeking The Best Product Person.

To be considered you must be nominated.  Yes, you can nominate yourself.

Importance of TBPP?

TBPP is both (1) the way the Product community gets together to recognize excellence amongst our ranks as well as (2) provide, to a large audience, insights into that excellence in a manner we can all learn from and leverage in our own Product journeys.

What is the deadline for nominations?

November 10th

Who was TBPP 2018?

Brian Crofts

What was 2018’s prize?

The winner participated in a roundtable discussion at The Product Group, received the TBPP trophy and .. (details coming soon!)

TBPP2018_alt-abrv-114The Best Product Person of 2018
 was Brian Crofts

20130804_BRIAN-HEADSHOT_001Brian Crofts is the Chief Product Officer of Pendo, a product experience platform that helps teams build better products. Before Pendo, Brian led product for Intuit’s global expansion efforts worldwide. Brian was at Intuit for 12 years leading several successful products in both QuickBooks and Tax. Brian and his family currently reside in NYC.


TBPP2017_alt-abrv-114_thumb.gifThe Best Product Person of 2017
was Melissa Perri

Melissa-Perri-Headshot-300dpi_thumb.jpgMelissa Perri is the CEO of Produx Labs, a consultancy that helps organizations become product-led, and creator of online Product Management school, Product Institute. Melissa works with organizations to add the missing pieces to many digital transformations: training the product teams and consulting on strategy, structure, and process. She coaches them to answer two important questions – “Should we build this?” and “Why?” She is also writing a book on Product Management with O’Reilly called, Escaping The Build Trap, due out the Spring of 2018.

TBPP2016_alt-abrv-114_thumb.gifThe Best Product Person of 2016
was Chris Butler

Chris has over 15 years of experience in leading product, BD and IMG_5612strategy. His product experience includes lead and director positions at Horizons Digital Group, Complete Seating (founder), Dash Navigation and Microsoft. He has also held BD roles (with product responsibilities) at KAYAK, Waze and Zvents. Chris can currently be found at Philosophie Group serving as Senior Product Strategist.  He graduated from Boston University with a Computer Systems Engineering degree.

TBPP2015_alt-abrv-114_thumb.gifThe Best Product Person of 2015
was Adam Warburton

Adam has been at Travelex for a year as Head of Mobile, DSC_0871leading their efforts on mobile having previously worked at Asda Walmart. Travelex is a business in the midst of a digital transformation with mobile at the heart of it, having recently launched two mobile apps which received considerable press and consumer attention. While at Asda, Adam developed and managed their multi-award winning apps. Adam has worked in the mobile industry throughout his career, starting out at Telefonica O2 in their Product Design team.

TBPP2014_alt-abrv-114The Best Product Person of 2014 was Ladislav Bartos

Ladislav believes that success is in simplicity that’s why his aim is to help companies to make complecropped-award-4739x products simple for users. He lives in London, currently working as CPO at Uvic Ltd, previously led product at international startups and large organisations such as Ebay. Ladislav focuses on user centric product development, especially on brand, usability and revenue product challenges. He is passionate about Lean and Agile Product management, innovative business models and business and product strategies.

TBPP2013_alt-abrv-114The Best Product Person of 2013 was Adrian Jank

Adrian TBPP-Winner-2013Jank’s career in product management and entrepreneurship led him to sprearhead efforts in agile methodology and product strategy with multiple Internet startups, including TheLadders.com, ThissHowIWork.co, Gust.com, Healthasts.com, Bloomberg LP, Zingy, BurnLounge, and Borderfree. He volunteers his time with First Person American, a non-profit initiative that explores stories of modern immigrants in the US. He studied Interaction Design at the School of Visual Arts, and has a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from Old Dominion University. Adrian has a strong competitive background in triathlons, skiing and distance running. Endurance sports fuel Adrian’s passion to succeed in the most grueling training session on the track, in the pool, on the bike, or on the slopes, which help prepare him for the most demanding days at the “office.” He is a frequent guest lecturer and workshop leader at universities. Adrian also bakes the world’s best red velvet cupcakes. For more about his work, visitabout.me/adrianjank or connect with him on http://www.linkedin.com/in/adrianjank.

Runner-up was Matthew Smith of Shutterstock. Matthew is currently the General Manager of Offset.com, a subsidiary of Shuttertsock, the largest global image marketplace.

TBPP2012_alt-abrv-114The Best Product Person of 2012 was Andres Glusman of Meetup.com.


Andres, at his core, sees himself as a social scientist, absolutely “fascinated by people and what makes them tick.”   A graduate of The Wharton School, he finds his inspiration and influences in his team and others like Giff Constable, Kareem Kouddous, Steve Blank, and Eric Ries.  He leads Meetup’s Strategy Team and is responsible for quantitative and qualitative customer discovery and validation (including Meetup’s usability lab which conducts 600+ sessions per year). Prior to Meetup, Andres has held marketing and strategy roles at Boeing, Yahoo, and i-traffic. He is also the Co-Organizer for the 3000+ member NYC Lean Startup Meetup.  For more about Andres and his team, check out http://www.meetup.com/about/.

TBPP2011_alt-abrv-114The Best Product Person of 2011 was Chris Sarette of Invisible Children.

From “number guy” to “product guy,” Chris’ career has been a fruitful one. His “passion for the quantitative side of the business has been complemented by a genuine sa1ec03d0tisfaction that comes with working” with Mend and Invisible Children. He graduated from USC with an MA in Communication Management at the age of 21 and waived a position with a communication consulting firm to polish Invisible Children’s development strategy. Chris then initiated and directed the Schools for Schools program before transitioning into his current position as VP of Business Operations. He now manages IC’s core operations, including Technology, HR, Shipping, Office Management and Data Management. For more about Chris and one of his products, check out http://invisiblechildren.com/homepage.

TBPP2010_alt-abrv-114The Best Product Person of 2010 was Giff Constable of Aprizi.

2e9b855Giff’s career path has traveled that of entrepreneur, artist, and investment banker — no doubt, all contributing to his outstanding product person success. He has spoken about cutting edge technology at major conferences like NRF and GDC, as well as through media outlets such as Business Week, New York Times, CNBC, NPR, ABC News, and Reuters. For more about Giff Constable, check out his blog @ http://giffconstable.com/.

Runner-up was Paul Gray of Brainmates. Paul Gray has spent ten years working in the entertainment, media and communications industries within Australia and Europe. Paul worked in both B2B and B2C roles for organizations including Disney, Foxtel, and British Telecom.

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