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desirabilityQuick-UX provides for the rapid, simple and quantifiable assessment of a product’s User Experience (UX). In answering the question of Desirability, “Do I want to use it?” the sub-category of Aesthetics is one of frequent discussion, especially in the latest wave of online products and how they handle content presentation and interaction.

Today, in the same spirit of Quick-UX, let’s take a quick look at an Internet product with an Aesthetic value of 2.

Example: Clean, Sharp, Pleasing and Enjoyable (value = 2)


A good example of the Aesthetic variable value of 2 can be seen in the newly released Chrome browser, from Google. Chrome provides a very minimalistic experience, incrementally revealing more information, on-demand and non-intrusively, right when the user needs it. Chrome also makes sound use of transitions to draw the user’s attention to new events and actions further increasing the pleasingly simplified experience of the product.

As the user types into the single textbox, the browser infers what information and actions the user will most likely want to take – presenting the decisions and options at an appropriate time.


Opening a new tab, the user is confronted with a simple transition, bringing subtle, non-disruptive, attention to the unique tab region as well as the location of the newly created tab.


Even the “status bar” only appears when there is something to display (e.g. mousing-over a link).


Over the course of this series I am providing real-world examples of Aesthetics values…

Clean, Sharp, Pleasing, and Enjoyable (value 2)

Incomplete (value 1)

Overload (value 0)

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