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UPDATE: Pogby Renewed

Quick-UX provides for the rapid, simple and quantifiable assessment of a product’s User Experience (UX). In answering the question of Usefulness, "Should I use it?" the sub-category of Credibility is one in the frequent discussion of cautious engagement, especially in the ever increasing, in both frequency and size, waves of introductions of online products.

Quick-UX is a method that I have developed and refined over time and frequently utilize when quick assessments are best suited to the task.

Quick Indeed

In this latest series on Credibility, 2 products were chosen as worthy representatives of specific Credibility values, and explored in the articles…

Unbelievable Likexo, and
Puzzling Pogby.

And, shortly, excitingly, after these articles were posted, I received appreciative comments from their respective CEO’s, as well as an invitation to take a look at the rapid improvements to their products that these articles spawned. This week, I decided to revisit Pogby.

Stepping Forward

The earlier state of the Pogby product resulted in an assessment of Low Credibility and a Quick-UX Credibility value of0.325.


Spurred onward by Pogby CEO, Josh Gooch’s message…

"We made some rapid changes last night. Please check it out when you have a chance. Appreciate the feedback – josh"

… I decided to see how these changes stacked up and look at their impact on the product’s overall Credibility (if any). The results of the evaluation and side-by-side, before and after, comparison follows.



Before Changes

After Changes

No Obvious Typos




General Contact Info Provided




Telephone Contact Info Provided




Physical Address




About Us w/ Team Member Bios




Team Member Bios have Direct Contact Information











Solidly Low


Kudos to the Pogby team in addressing the issues that the Quick-UX analysis along the variable of Credibility was able to provide.

Special Note

Particularly well executed is the new ‘Who We Are’ page, with background information for the team, and direct contact email address provided to both the CEO and Chief Architect.


In the previous article I took particular note of the awkward content and structure of the header region.


But, now users are presented with a very much welcomed and improved header region for this product, negating the previous confusion of ownership, sponsorship, advertising, etc.,

  • Labeling, prominently, the ‘Featured Venue’, and
  • Providing clear separation between venue and the product’s name / logo.


Broadly Speaking

Recently, I caught up with Josh Gooch, CEO of Pogby, and we discussed the broader impact of, and his thoughts about, Quick-UX. Out of this exchange there were some important points that Josh sought to make, and I am flattered to share…

“All the evaluation was terrific! I am thankful you are out there taking the time to provide guidance. You have a solid methodology and are trying to provide guidance to companies that may not fully understand how to best relate to customers of their site. It was honestly an honor that you did this for our site. It was great direction that you provided and we rapidly worked to improve things. Your points were all accurate and supported gaining Credibility. All of the content you’ve written has been a great guide for us.”

…and on companies, from big to small, and whether or not they should use Quick-UX…

“Absolutely. We are a startup, so the feedback is key … especially when you don’t have a full-time staff focused on the website. But, bigger companies seem to struggle with this (too) … it is whether or not the company has an interest (or feels the value) in making changes …”

Great Work!

Resulting from an analysis that took minutes, Pogby was able to take focused, quick action, and implement changes with a significant impact on this product and its Credibility.

Quick & Useful

Throughout this series I have been exploring and ins-and-outs of Credibility, walking through real-world examples of the Quick-UX evaluation of Credibility

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Update: Renewed Pogby
Update: Likexo

Quick-UX Credibility, In Conclusion

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Jeremy Horn
The Product Guy

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    1. Thanks Jeremy for revisiting us. Greatly appreciated. We will keep an eye on things and continue to focus on building credibility and improving UX. if you have any other comments, don’t hesitate shooting them over. 🙂 – Josh


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