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Amazing Accomplishments in Product Management

This past weekend we just held the global Session 6 closing for The Product Mentor where everyone shared highlights of their experiences and what they learned.  All the mentors and mentees did a great job over the past 6 months.  Some exciting stats…

  • 2 Mentees Promoted
  • 1 Mentee got a New Job
  • >50% of Mentees had accomplishments that rose to the C-Suite
  • Tons of new conversations with customers
  • 70% of all Goals Accomplished!

I would also like to take this moment to recognize those Mentors and Mentees that learned, engaged, and achieved above and beyond:


Awarded to Mentors for going above and beyond in experience, attention and accomplishment.

PictureJordan Bergtraum ★ ★
Product Management Consultant
Talk(s)​: The Value of Win/Loss Analysis, The Benefits of Being Responsible for Product Messaging, Users vs. Thought Leaders,Introducing Product to Your Organization

PictureVikas Batra
Director Strategy, Nokia
Talk(s)​: The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Product Management, Finance and Business Case Essentials for Product Managers, Using Discovery Insights Personality Types, Mixed Reality Interfaces and Product Management

PictureShelley Iocona
Founder and Lead Strategist, On Its Axis
Talk(s)​: Product Management & The Nuances of Digital Health Apps

PicturePaul Hurwitz
Director of Active Analytics, ActiveHealth Management
Talk(s)​: Parachuting into Existing Product​, Maximizing Your LinkedIn for a Successful Product Management Career, How to Break Into Product Management​



Awarded to Mentees for achievements in learning and advancement within the field of Product Management.

PictureJulian Dunn
Senior Product Manager, Chef
Article: How to develop, articulate, and sell product strategy​ (coming soon)

PictureKennan Murphy-Sierra
Associate Product Manager, OnDeck
Article: Seeking Help in Product Management​ (coming soon)

PictureMark Jones
Product Manager, BroadbandTV
Article: Product Management & When Other Departments Need Help​ (coming soon)

PictureEric Kiang
Product Manager, MediaRadar
Article: The one thing every product manager should do…​ (coming soon)

Receiving these RECORD SETTING awards is truly an outstanding achievement of which everyone recognized should be very proud.  Please reach out and congratulate our latest Mentor and Mentee inductees. (hashtag: #tpm)

Thank you again to everyone who participated and looking forward to more great achievements with our new Mentors and Mentees in Session 5, kicking off this coming weekend!

Jeremy Horn
The Product Guy


TPM-Short3-Logo_thumb14About The Product Mentor

The Product Mentor is a program designed to pair Product Mentors and Mentees from around the World, across all industries, from start-up to enterprise, guided by the fundamental goals…

Better Decisions. Better Products. Better Product People.

Each Session of the program runs for 6 months with paired individuals…

  • Conducting regular 1-on-1 mentor-mentee chats
  • Sharing experiences with the larger Product community
  • Participating in live-streamed product management lessons and Q&A

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Throughout the program, each mentor leads a conversation in an area of their expertise that is live streamed and available to both mentee and the broader product community.

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