Product Management Fortune Cookie: He who fixates on the features loses sight of business’ goals, self, and fortune.


As my career matured around Product Management, I was increasingly introduced to product roles, defined by non-product people, as ones whereby I was to churn out wireframes and collect, spec, and prioritize features.

Guess what. When you are feature focused, debates are about features; priorities are about features. And, when this happens, all too often I found a critical question gets lost, the product veers off course, the constructive debates prove elusive.

That question is: “Why are we doing this?”

An OK Product Manager will juggle features, a great one focuses the big picture. It is within the construct of this big picture perspective that the successful product manager keeps objectives and goals at the center of the product, its roadmap, strategy, and discussion. A team debating and understanding objectives is one that will find and continue down that better product road.

What Product Management fortune cookies do you have to share?


Jeremy Horn
The Product Guy

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