TBPP2012: Looking Forward with Andres Glusman of Meetup.com

TBPP2012_altabrv114_thumb24_thumbWhat makes The Best Product Person person of 2012 tick?

In this last installment from a Q&A session I had with Andres Glusman of Meetup.com — and shedding some light onto just exactly what makes Andres truly The Best Product Person of 2012.

Looking Forward…

> What trends do you see in product management? positive trends? any negative trends?

We are moving towards an environment with faster cycles and greater experimentation. I’m witnessing firsthand, how this leads to significantly better results. That is also adding a lot of rigor to product development and significantly increasing our chances in making a difference with all the time and energy we invest.

I’m also seeing greater collaboration and sharing of best practices (we’ve opensourced our blueprint for making your own usability lab).

> How do you see product management evolving over the next 5 years?

I see the role evolving to be the person who orchestrates effective experiments while maintaining a cohesive user narrative. .

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