Expanding Innovation with Ben Franklin Lead to a Bright Spark in August!

Thank you to everyone who attended July's meeting of The Product Group where we discussed: Featured Product, Benjamin Franklin, Expanding Innovation, and more...

Thank you to everyone who made it to our latest roundtable meet-up of The Product Group at MTV Networks / Viacom (new job openings), as well as to our other sponsors, Balsamiq Studios, Sunshine Suites, and Ryma Technology Solutions.

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Over the course of the night a few of the highlights were…

Featured Product: Ben Franklin
exploring the product, its challenges and successes, from unique twists to taking action
(thanks to Jack Sherry)

Expanding Innovation
from empowering to enacting

The Product Groupmeet-ups are an opportunity for Product People (managers, strategists, marketers, etc.) to come together to meet, interact, and network in a roundtable setting. It’s awesome to meet fellow Product People in a laid-back, conversational gathering.

If you are a Product Person and are interested in having your product featured or participating as a featured guest expert at an upcoming meetup of The Product Group, contact me (or email at jhorn (a-t.) tpgblog DoT com).

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at our next meetup …

Thursday, August 2nd @ 7PM

And, stay tuned for more announcements about August’s Featured Product, Voltaic Systems.

If you would like to attend our next meet-up, RSVPtoday or visit our group webpage at…


Jeremy Horn
The Product Guy

P.S. Interested in becoming a sponsor or host of The Product Group? contact me.

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