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From Zazzing Your Product Design to Business Plan "YES!"

This weekend, enjoy seeing how to add that little bit of extra refinement to your web product, learning how Yahoo is planning to accelerate Modular Innovation in the cloud, and understanding the true necessity of a good business plan.

Every week I read thousands of blog posts. Here, for your weekend enjoyment, are some highlights from my recent reading, for you.


On Starting Up…

Are business plans still necessary? The Product Guy says, "YES!"


On Design & Product Experience…

Great advice on giving your product that extra bit of zazz.


On Modular Innovation…

Yahoo speaking on accelerating Modular Innovation in the cloud.


Have a great weekend!

Jeremy Horn
The Product Guy

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    1. agentenfilme, you don’t have to know exactly, but you can project. You must have some idea of what you might do in sales. Otherwise, how did you know that your business might be successful? You can research industry trends, and perhaps find competitor sales info. to use to back up your numbers.


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