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Versionate is Dead.

versionate-logo (part 6 of 7) Wikia, Wetpaint, PBwiki, Google Sites, and Versionate. There are literally hundreds of different wikis available, each offering unique online experiences and presenting different interpretations of what it means to be a wiki. Within this series we have been exploring and discussing the top 3 most popular, free, online wikis as we seek out the best online wiki experience.

Versionate presents a hybrid experience of sorts, one of a wiki coupled with the feel of a friendly web-based document editor.



Versionate, an up-and-comer, may already be at the end of its road. While there was great fanfare and numerous product updates back around the time of their launch in July of 2007, there have been ZERO updates or announcements since then. It has almost been a year without anything new from this start-up and no signs of life from within the company. So, while the product holds promise and is something to keep an eye out for in the future, it is also highly questionable (unfortunately) as to whether or not there is a future to behold for Versionate.


  • A common habit among many people who use desktop-based word processing software is to frequently save their files, lest the computer or application crash, resulting in the loss of all their work. Versionate allows for the re-saving of an open document, inline and without the need to close and re-open the current wiki page.


  • Often, when editing content within a wiki, there is a need to edit a sequence of pages at the same time, adding a link and description, adding a new page and content, adding another related page, etc. The tabbed UI makes editing multiple pages, cross linking , updating, easy and fluid.


  • Any wiki page can be downloaded as PDF, DOC, HTML, RTF, and ODT, edited offline and then re-submitted to the wiki.



  • A wiki, at its most basic level, is all about knowledge storage and management and how all of that knowledge relates to each other. To understand the relationships and simply navigate a wiki, links are (of course) used. Links within Versionate are primarily visible upon mouse-over of the link. Other than mouse-over, links are barely distinguishable from all other text within the wiki.


  • The homepage requires a bit of interaction and learning. It displays a fixed layout with 2 nearly equal, and completely independent, navigation choices. At the top of the page is the option to navigate by file and folder. At the bottom of the page is a smaller region dedicated to, the more typical, link-based wiki navigation.


  • Some formats, like PDF and Excel, are not editable within the wiki, but are instead converted into graphics so that they can still be internally viewed and linked. However, the conversion process can often result in generating results that are very difficult to read.


Versionate is an up-and-coming wiki that has seen little to no development nor news since its launch last year. It is a dead online product. Versionate possesses the potential for becoming a strong wiki marketplace player, but until signs of life re-emerge, may it rest in peace.


Be sure to check back very soon for the final installment in this wiki series and the big announcement of the Wiki Winner, the wiki that will be recognized as having the Best, Free, Online Wiki Experience!

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  1. Hi,

    It’s David from Versionate.

    I apologize for the lack of updates on the blog. We’ve been working hard to develop a new product that solves problems in similar space as Versionate called Zecter. It aims to make file sharing and collaboration simple, and directly from the desktop.

    As for Versionate, we are still supporting it, and may integrate some of the features of Zecter back in the future.


  2. We have been using Versionate for storage of important business data. We last up linked data in 2008. We are now having difficulty in accessing Versionate to recover our data. Is there something we can do to retrieve our data?


    1. Hi Gary,

      I was wondering if you were able to recover your data from Versionate.

      I had some data stored on it which I am interested to recover if I can.

      Thanks & regards,


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