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Leverage the Product Research Roadmap

Politics will always be a part of the product manager job. You will need to manage your “reputation” in the organization. You will need to be a peace keeper. You will need to say “maybe later” without making people mad. You will be challenged by other people and you will need to hold your ground while not making people mad.

The PM role is one of the hardest roles to do at an “A” level because:

  1. It’s a broad role
  2. The definition of success is hard to nail down
  3. Your often judged on qualitative notions
  4. The definition of success can be a moving target
  5. The definition of success differs between your boss, engineering, the CEO.

With all these challenges and hard lessons, learn from Jordan Bergtraum, product management expert, about how a product research roadmap can help you overcome them.

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