Top 40 Product Management Influencers 2017 [Highlights]

Product Management Year in ReviewI’m completely psyched to have made this year’s list of Top 40 Product Management Influencers of 2017 for the THIRD CONSECUTIVE YEAR!

whole-head---LS---large132The list exists to recognize the many influencers who helped to establish best practices and enlighten the industry this year.

Following are a few of my excerpted Influencer highlights from the list…

Julie Zhuo // Facebook

Eric Ries // Long-Term Stock Exchange

Eric Ries // Long-Term Stock Exchange
Eric Ries is an entrepreneur and the author of the New York Times bestseller The Lean Startup. He is the creator of the Lean Startup methodology, which is practiced by individuals and companies around the world. This methodology was the inspiration behind his founding of the LTSE and his books The Leader’s Guide and The Startup Way.
Continuous Transformation is Product Management
The Prototype Mindset
Eric Ries on 4 Common Misconceptions About Lean Startup

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Chris Butler // Philosophie NYC

Chris Butler // Philosophie NYC
Chris is the Director of Product Strategy at Philosophie where he helps organizations like Google and PwC with product strategy and management. He’s previously held roles at Waze, Microsoft, and Kayak.
Real competitive analysis is about learning to love your competitor
Product people KPIs aren’t about the product
Robots need love too — Empathy Mapping for AI

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Jackie Bavaro // Asana

Jackie Bavaro // Asana
Jackie is the Head of Product Management at Asana. She is also the Co-Author of “Cracking the PM Interview.”
How we build our Product Roadmap at Asana
Everything I need to know I learned from Product Management
Cracking the PM Interview: How to Land a Product Manager Job in Technology

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Ken Norton // Google Ventures

Ken Norton // Google Ventures
Ken is a partner at Google Ventures where he provides product and engineering support to various portfolio companies. He is also a group product manager for GV’s quantitative research and data science team. He is the author of the oft-referenced post: How to Hire a Product Manager.
Ants and Aliens: Why you need a thirty-year plan (yes, thirty)
Becoming a Great Product Leader
A Certain Ratio

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