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The Year of Product!

Happy New Year! This last year has seen many great things in product, from product ecosystems to analytics to continued formal expansion into companies large and small, digital and otherwise.


Happy New Year!  This last year has seen many great things in product, from product ecosystems to analytics to the continued formal expansion into companies large and small, digital and physical.

In addition to the many positive changes we have been witnessing in the broader industries, I am also very proud of several new product community initiatives as well as the product people I have gotten to work with…

The Product Group, the world’s largest meetup for product people, passed some pretty awesome milestones this year…

4600+ Members
40+ Featured Products
4+ Years

Looking forward to seeing you all at our next meetup…

Thursday, January 2nd
Featured Product: INCLUSION
Special Topic: News Skills. New Year.

We are always looking to grow The Product Group base.  If you are interested in launching a local chapter of The Product Group in your hometown, you can contact me at jhorn (a-t.) tpgblog DoT com.

tpj-logo-w_lkwThis year we launched the free job board, exclusively dedicated to connecting Product People and the Jobs they love, with 800 new job postings and growing!

Visit and happy hunting!

TPM-Short3-Logo4It’s been a long journey since TPM was launched as an MVP earlier in 2013.  The interest and participation has been greater and wider that I ever could have imagined…

With participants from…

United States, England,
Australia, Spain, Singapore,
Jordon, Canada, Brazil

We are midway through our very first iteration with many amazing mentees, and of course, mentors…

Becky Yelland, Beth Temple, Calvin Chu,
Raviv Turner, David Shoenberger,
Adrienne Tan, Steven Cohn, Ari Tiktin

If you are interested in being a Product Mentor in our upcoming Session…

Please visit TODAY and
Sign-up today!

PictureThe annual search for The Best Product Person continued and exceeded last year’s participation (well over 100 nominees)!  As a matter of fact, due to the enormous turnout, and great candidates, it took considerably longer to get through all the judging than prior years – but we do have a winner!  Stay tuned over the next few weeks for the official announcement of The Best Product Person of 2013.

And, hey, it’s never too early to start submitting your nominations for 2014! (Important: The person who nominates the winner also wins a very cool prize. Winking smile )

You can submit your nomination for TBPP 2014 at:

GA_logo_199This year I continued teaching the long-form (10 week) product management course I designed at General Assembly and have been psyched to learn it has been their most successful (in the US and Worldwide) to date!

In completing the 6th consecutive teaching of the course since launch, I have very happily taught over 130 product managers looking to take their careers to the next level.  I would never be able to list them all, nor the large subset of the group that have gone on to some very great new product gigs, but I did put together a cool movie looking back at my students of GA PDM, 


(Yes, I know the music didn’t perfectly line up with the duration of the video. Blame Google’s auto-awesome movie generator. Smile with tongue out)

Looking Forward

I have a few new product initiatives in the works for 2014 (a new podcast, product associates program, and more)!  Hope you all continue to enjoy them as much as I enjoy putting them together.  If you would like to help out, contact me via jhorn (a-t.) tpgblog DoT com and mention this blog post.

And, again, Happy Near Year!  Make it another great one for products and their product people!


Jeremy Horn
The Product Guy

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