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Product Management Fortune Cookie: He who desires repeatable business value delivery should not seek for credit and pride.

Ego be damned! What tasty product management fortune cookie do you have to share?

ego-fortune-cookieHave you heard yourself say this? Have you heard someone else argue?

"That was my idea."
"Doing anything else would be ridiculous!"

Ouch. Phrases that I know many of you have expressed at some point, whether you are new to product management or have several years under the belt.

This was not one of those easily learned lessons. For, if everyone doesn’t know you are generating all of the ideas what’s the point? Right?

Everyone needs to follow my product strategy. Of course they do, that’s why I am here, that’s what I get paid for. Isn’t it? It’s my neck on the line. Right?

Tamping down ego, pride and emotional attachment to one’s ideas is never an easy lesson.

A product manager’s pride, ego, credit and recognition are not as important as the business value delivered. Lead from out front, lead through influence, lead from behind; in the end, the business value delivered is what matters.

What Product Management fortune cookies do you have to share?


Jeremy Horn
The Product Guy

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