Product Management Fortune Cookie: Once the arguing begins, all is lost.

fortune-argueMy journey began with founding the obligatory startup in the 1990’s. When I started out, managing my teams, I felt like an orchestra conductor. Coordinating very complex initiatives, disparate stakeholders both inside and outside the organization, and producing the most mellifluous harmony of all parts and people involved. I really was; it was an awesome time!

As many startups of this era came to an end, so did this one; and my product management career evolved. In stark contrast to the preceding time, this period was one characterized by discord. I was exposed to all sorts of exciting and harsh environments… and conflicts. With co-workers who instigated, managers who bombastically battled, and peers who struggled, there was plenty of strife, and plenty of education.

As bridge builders within our working teams, and across company and team boundaries, we must moderate and guide interactions to the moments’ most optimal outcomes.

What similar lessons have you learned (are still learning) on your Product Management journey?


Jeremy Horn
The Product Guy

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Jeremy Horn is an award-winning, product management veteran with 2 decades of experience leading and managing product teams. Jeremy has held various executive and advisory roles, from founder of several start-ups to driving diverse organizations in online services, consumer products, and wearables. As founder of The Product Group, he has created the largest product management meetup in the world and hosts the annual awarding of The Best Product Person. Accelerating the next evolution of product management, Jeremy acted as creator and instructor of the 10-week product management course at General Assembly and The New School, and mentoring at Women 2.0 and Lean Startup Machine (where is he also a judge). To see where Jeremy is now check him out at (1) and (2)