This Week’s Featured Product Management Jobs (Week of August 30, 2014)


Director of Product Management @ Techpros (North of Boston)
Keywords: B2B, Compliance, Data Governance, Product Management, Risk

Ad Product Manager @ Hearst Digital Media (New York, NY)
Keywords: Ad Operations, Advertising, Campaign, Digital, Product


In the Now with Matthew Smith #TBPP

TBPP2013_alt-abrv-114More segments from the Q&A session I had with Matthew Smith  — and shedding some light onto just exactly what made Matthew an outstanding runner-up to The Best Product Person of 2013.

Take a moment and congratulate this year’s runner-up to The Best Product Person of 2013: Matthew Smith. (tweet)

In the Now

> Whose shoes would you like to walk in for a day? why?

I actually don’t have a single person in mind, but I have always wanted to be part of a “product person swap”.  Specifically, I’ve had this idea that it would be amazing to due a week of work at various companies to understand how they handle product.  There is no handbook and there are no hard and fast rules for product people, but there are general guidances that most of us believe in, and they come from our experiences.  So if we could amplify those experiences, then I think it would be amazing. 

image> What excites you about your current products?

Right now I am working on a new business; we are basically a startup within Shutterstock (it’s called, and it’s amazingly fun.  We are building everything from the ground up and re-defining a space.  The business came from customer feedback, and we believe that we can make something amazing that our customers are going to love.  We get excited every time we get a piece of feedback, good or bad, because we know that it’s leading to something special.

> What do you like most -and least – about being a product manager?

Let’s start with the thing that I like least.  The hardest thing about being a product person is that you have to be aware of all aspects of the business, and you have to make sure that other people in the business are aware of what’s going on.  In that light, I’d say that the thing I like the least (and it’s not that bad, but it’s all comparative) is there can be a lot of cooks in the kitchen; managing those stakeholders can be daunting. 

The thing I like the most is making something new.  I love white-space, I love creating new products, I love figuring out where a business needs to be next.  Its the hardest thing to do, but by far the most fulfilling for me.

More to Come

Over the coming weeks we will be speaking with and learning more from Matthew Smith. Gift Cards - In a Gift Box - Free One-Day ShippingThank you to everyone who participated, nominated, interviewed, AND passed on the word! The nomination period for The Best Product Person of 2014 has begun!  The individual who first nominates TBPP is also awarded!  This year, the first nominator of Adrian received a $100 gift certificate to Amazon.comNominate your pick for The Best Product Person right now!

And, don’t forget, take a moment and congratulate this year’s runner-up to The Best Product Person of 2013: Matthew Smith. (tweet)


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This Week’s Featured Product Management Jobs (Week of August 24, 2014)


Product Developer @ FactSet (New York, New York )
Keywords: financial analysis , market data , product management, project management, user experience

Director Consumer Product Management @ Mobile Technology Company (NYC or Pittsburgh, PA)
Keywords: Consumer, Consumer mobile technology products, Get stuff done, Location based apps, Mobile

Guesterly, Execution and September Viewings!


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IMG_4192 IMG_4191

Over the course of the night a few of the highlights were…

Featured Product: Guesterly
exploring the product, its challenges and successes, from the importance of every customer to beyond the wedding (thanks to Rachel Hofstetter)

from lean ux to onboarding

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Stay tuned for more announcements about September’s Featured Product, Ziggeo.

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This Week’s Featured Product Management Jobs (Week of August 9, 2014)


Product Management Instructor @ General Assembly (New York, NY)
Keywords: Education, Mentor , Product Management, Startup , Technology

Product Manager – Web Analytics @ TMP Worldwide (New York, NY)
Keywords: Agile, Analytics, SDLC, User Stories

Associate Product Manager @ TMP Worldwide (New York, NY)
Keywords: Agile, SDLC, User Stories

Product Manager @ eFront (Boston or New York)
Keywords: Adobe, Angular.JS, jQuery

Sr. Product Manager – Consumer – 10909 @ WebMD (Midtown NY)
Keywords: Agile, analytics, product management, user experience

Senior Product Manager, News & Reference – 10898 @ WebMD (Midtown NY)
Keywords: product requirements, software product management, user experience, wireframing

Product Manager, Mobile Apps – 10835 @ WebMD (Midtown NY)
Keywords: Agile, Android, iOS, mobile, user experience

Product Manager– Consumer – 10883 @ WebMD (Midtown NY)
Keywords: card sorting, digital video user experiences, UX design, wireframing

Product Manager – 10828 @ WebMD (Midtown NY)
Keywords: software product management, user stories, web technology, wireframing

Sr. Product Manager, Mobile @ Refinery29 (New York City)
Keywords: agile, management, mobile, product, refinery29

Head of Product @ E-commerce Leader in Chicago (Chicago, IL)
Keywords: B2B, B2C, E-commerce, Leadership, Product

Senior Product Marketing Manager @ Yodle (New York, NY)
Keywords: Marketing, Pricing, Product , Regression, Strategy

Director of Product Management @ Yodle (New York, NY)
Keywords: Agile, Management, Product, Roadmap, Strategy

Product Associate (Product Technology) @ Hearst Digital Media (New York, NY)
Keywords: a/b , content , platform, product, user experience

Product Lead – Advertising Platforms @ Viacom Media Networks (New York, New York)
Keywords: analytics, Freewheel, java

Sr. Product Manager, Content Distribution & Workflow @ Viacom Media Networks (New York, New York)
Keywords: Atom, content creation, ETL, RSS, XML