This Week’s Featured Product Management Jobs (Week of May 31, 2014)


Vice President of Product @ comiXology an, Inc. subsidiary (New York – 512 7th Avenue)
Keywords: Agile, eCommerce, Mobile, UI, UX


Getting to Here in Product Management

TBPP2013_alt-abrv-114 On Thursday, February 6th, the 4th annual winner of The Best Product Person (TBPP) was announced at The Product Group!

And, this year’s runner-up was so astounding he too has been invited to speak at The Product Group and receive special recognition on our awards page for The Best Product Person.


Only under extraordinary circumstances do we award a runner-up — where product excellence is clearly displayed and proximity to TBPP is especially close.  This year, join us in also congratulating the TBPP Runner-up, Matthew Smith of Shutterstock

Take a moment and congratulate this year’s runner-up to The Best Product Person of 2013: Matthew Smith. (tweet)

Matthew is currently the General Manager of, a subsidiary of Shuttertsock, the largest global image marketplace. Prior to running Offset, he was the Director of New Products at Shutterstock, where he lead the company’s video, mobile, and new product strategy. Previously he was a Senior Product Manager at Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG), the world’s leading expert network, where he built and ran the company’s survey and Q&A business.

Getting to Here

> What key people helped shape you into the product manager you are today?

There are three influential people who shaped my product beliefs at an early age, and I am not sure any of them are aware of it.  

The first is Jonathan Glick (the founder and CEO of  Jonathan and I worked together at Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG).  He was the one who actually tapped me on the shoulder and brought me into the product world. When I asked why he thought I could be a product manager, he responded by saying “You understand the technical aspect of what we do, you understand the business aspect of what we do, you can talk to customers, and most importantly, you can make decisions – good product people have to be willing to make a call, and be ok being wrong.  It’s the indecision that really kills momentum”

41kreHtR39L[1]The second person is Marty Cagan (Partner at  Marty came to GLG to help us think about product years ago, and everything he had to say instantly hit home with me.  It was all about customer research, validation of ideas before development, and prioritizing efforts based on research and metrics.  In fact, Marty was so spot on with how I thought about things, that we brought him to Shutterstock when I first got there so that he could help Shutterstock as well.

The third is my father.  As a kid, I watched my father build and sell two business.  He did everything, sales, business development, design, managing, product, etc.  For me, it just made sense.  If you are going to build something, you have to be able to think about all aspects of the business, you have to understand that if you build a product, you then have to market it, you have to know how the economics work, how users respond to it, and you have to be able to motivate a team to build and sell it.  Most importantly, my father taught me that the key to building a business, is understanding all aspects, the complexity, and being able to break them down into simple, actionable elements. 

> How did you decide to become a product manager?

As I mentioned above, it was Jonathan Glick who really threw me into the water.  I wasn’t really aware of what a product manager was, but I was use to dealing with clients and translating what they were doing, what they were looking for, patterns of usage, etc into ideas for the business.  Jonathan tapped me on the shoulder one day and said “you need to be a product manager”.   

> What inspires you in your day-to-day work?

First and foremost, people.  The team I work with has just as much passion for the business/products I work on, and it’s amazingly inspiring.  The second is the fundamental challenge of solving problems; I love the idea that we, as product people, can create tools, products, services, etc that change peoples daily habits and routines for the better.  Last, but certainly not least, is the idea that we should be beating ourselves; I fundamentally believe that we should always challenge ourselves to build a better business on a daily basis, because if we don’t, someone else will.

More to Come

Over the coming weeks we will be speaking with and learning more from Matthew Smith. Gift Cards - In a Gift Box - Free One-Day ShippingThank you to everyone who participated, nominated, interviewed, AND passed on the word! The nomination period for The Best Product Person of 2014 has begun!  The individual who first nominates TBPP is also awarded!  This year, the first nominator of Adrian received a $100 gift certificate to Amazon.comNominate your pick for The Best Product Person right now!

And, don’t forget, take a moment and congratulate this year’s runner-up to The Best Product Person of 2013: Matthew Smith. (tweet)


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Looking Forward with The Best Product Person


More segments from the Q&A session I had with Adrian Jank  — and shedding some light onto just exactly what makes Adrian truly The Best Product Person of 2013.

What makes The Best Product Person person of 2013 tick?

Looking Forward…

> What trends do you see in product management? positive trends?

LeanTrans[1]I think the biggest positive trend in product management is the Lean movement over the last 3-4 years. It’s really put the customer in focus and made product development a more collaborative process. Because of lean I think product management and developer roles are starting to brush up against that of great designers. Great design is often rooted in deep research, and as product management has evolved we have gotten more and more involved in the research process. Our involvement naturally makes the research process more collaborative with developers and others in the process. 

Negative Trends:  In a way its starting to make some companies think they can cannibalize product management by assigning it across the roles of  a tech lead and UX lead. While I think you can get away with this for some period of time, eventually an organization is going to reach a point where the execution of a strategy starts to fail. It will happen because the dev team ran into problems and kills the functionality without really understanding the value lost, or poorly executed UI will be released because the designer didn’t spend enough time in the design phase–“Any flaws in the design can be addressed in the next iteration!”– and the customer gets mad. 

> How do you see product management evolving over the next 5 years?

MetricsGraphsmPeople who understand the psychology of the customer are going to be better positioned to create long term value for larger and larger companies. As this happens, more and more product managers are going to be tapped for CEO positions. While we may not have some of the deep financial knowledge, we do understand how to move metrics, and we understand that if you move the right qualitative metrics, customers, and their spending will follow.


Nominate TBPP 2014 Today! Gift Cards - In a Gift Box - Free One-Day ShippingThank you to everyone who participated, nominated, interviewed, AND passed on the word! The nomination period for The Best Product Person of 2014 has begun! The individual who first nominates TBPP is also awarded! Nominate your pick for The Best Product Person right now!

Stay Tuned

Over the next few weeks I will share more of my interview with other great participants from The Best Product Person of 2013!

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Go-to-Market Strategy

In our a recent live stream from one of our mentors of The Product Mentor, David Shoenbeger, lead a conversation around “Go-to-Market Strategy”.  We are always looking for more product mentors from all around the world.  Signup to be a Mentor Today!

View the live stream…


About The Product Mentor

The Product Mentor is a program designed to pair Product Mentors and Mentees from around the World, across all industries, from start-up to enterprise, guided by the fundamental goals…

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PictureBecky Yelland
Senior News Product Manager, Thomson Reuters

Becky is an experienced Product Management Strategist with over a decade of experience across a wide spectrum of sectors and industries. With specialist knowledge and experience in Financial News Products, SaaS for professional services, Personal Media publishing apps and TV Media Product Strategy and Management. With a proven track record in defining a product suite/proposition in a sales driven B2B organisation through to being core lead for the operational readiness on a UK wide consumer product delivery. Becky has also shown a proficiency in recruiting/defining strong product teams, coaching and training new to the role PMs as well as adapting the soft skills of product management methodology to each new channel, end user type and content area.
Becky is a strong leader whose strengths include; product strategy,  product management methodology and process, concept development, creating and communicating a strategic vision, owning a Business Units P&L, defining business strategies and creating business cases for products as well as being proficient in creating new and re defining product mangement and launch processes, improving efficiency and cross organisation communication, managing stakeholders and board level expectations, line management coaching and mentoring.
• Thirteen years of product and team management experience
• Nine years of Product Management Experience, 3 at a senior management level
• MA in Interactive Media

PictureBeth Temple
Digital Product / Business Consultant, bethtemple4u llc

Beth Temple has been building new digital products since 1994 for companies like Target, HBO, and Wells Fargo. During that time she learned a lot about why products fail and how to build successful products that grow markets and revenue. She founded and named her firm, bethemple4u llc, to emphasize the ‘embedding’ nature of her approach to building new digital products with internal teams. Her work for Credit Suisse HOLT – defining, developing and deploying a transformative global online platform – resulted in a MIT/Sloan case study. In addition, she is on the Board of Directors of (a Google Ventures backed business) and mentors at two accelerators in NYC (eRoundTable Accelerator and Women Innovate Mobile).

PictureCalvin Chu
Senior Technology Licensing Officer, Columbia Technology Ventures

Calvin Chu is a maker, gadget nerd, entrepreneur and product guy.  He’s currently in charge of commercializing Columbia University’s computer technology portfolio into products and companies.  At the start of his career, he entered product management by way of an engineering background in the Silicon Valley.  He’s worked on enterprise infrastructure products that are now part of Compuware, Goldman Sachs, Williams Energy.  As part of his startup career, products he designed have been integrated into MacOS X, and deployed to thousands of locations around the world.  His last company, Mobile Crossing focused on hardware for consumer electronics, agriculture, government/municipal, and tourism markets.

PictureRaviv Turner
VP Product, TapInfluence

Raviv brings over 13 years of product management and startup experience, building profitable, consumer and business software products. In his current role as VP of Product at TapInfluence, Raviv is leading a team of talented engineers, designers and product people out of Boulder, CO, building the first influencer marketing SaaS + marketplace for top brands and agencies looking to connect with online influencers. Previously Raviv was the Co-Founder & CEO of Guerillapps, a NYC based, social gaming startup. Raviv graduated from the Interactive Telecommunication Program at New York University.

PictureDavid Shoenberger
Product Innovation Specialist

Award-winning product management, marketing and business operations innovator with deep digital/mobile experience at both start-up and Fortune 500 alike. Recognized for passionate leadership, results-orientation, customer-centric mindset, creativity, and a very wicked humor. A tireless, strategy-minded executive (equally adept at execution) my professional ambition is to help people lead better lives in a technology-enabled world.

PictureAdrienne Tan
CEO, Brainmates

In 2004, Adrienne Tan co-founded Brainmates with Nick Coster. As the Brainmates CEO, Adrienne draws on 20 years of senior Product Management experience gained at The Microsoft Network, Telstra BigPond and AUSTAR. Adrienne has a Masters of Economics (Social Science) with distinction from The University of Sydney. She majored in Industrial Relations in her undergraduate degree. Her other academic pursuits include lecturing at the University of Technology Sydney in Information and Interaction Design and co-authoring a chapter in the book Digital Experience Design. Adrienne recently contributed to two Product Management books; 42 Rules of Product Management and the 42 Rules of Product Marketing.

PictureSteve Cohn
Founder and CEO, ProdThink

I try hard to be a good father, husband and entrepreneur.”  That summarizes me well.  Professionally, I am a multiple time founder who sold both prior startups (to LivingSocial and TripAdvisor).  I have also held corporate jobs at Merrill Lynch, DoubleClick, IBM and Quantcast.  But my strength is in innovation, the Lean approach to product development and the managing ups and downs of early stage products.  I also have an MBA from Harvard.

PictureAri Tiktin
Head of Product, Healthgen Neonatal

Ari is an award-winning executive who has led cross-functional teams to launch dozens of multiscreen products for premier consumer brands. He is currently the product head for a healthcare startup aiming to introduce innovative solutions to help parents with young children. Previously, Ari launched WebMD’s mobile web business and grew it to 23+ million monthly unique visitors. Prior to that, he launched Discovery Mobile which included two-dozen mobile web sites, smartphone and tablet applications.

PictureAdrian Chernoff
Director of Digital Innovation, Wilshire Axon

Adrian Chernoff helps organizations articulate new products and leads teams to focus and deliver what’s next.  Beginning from market insight and the simplification of an idea to sell-in and execution across organizations, Adrian brings together executives, engineers, designers and marketers to make it possible. Honored with over 20 awards and 89 patents, he has made an impact at inventing future transpiration at General Motors, launching consumer digital products at Eastman Kodak and creating rides at Disney. As a consultant he has developed office products for Staples, provided novel methods to sell luxury at the The Gucci Group, created digital connectivity solutions for Madison Square Garden and strategized digital health products for Equinox. Adrian balances left and right-brain thinking to visualize and strategize new opportunities as well as lead programs in building and launching new products and services.



Jeremy Horn
The Product Guy

This Week’s Featured Product Management Jobs (Week of May 10, 2014)


Mobile Product Manager (6 month contract) @ Viacom (New York, NY)
Keywords: Android, iOS, Mobile, Product Developer, Product Manager

Digital Product Manager @ ALM (New York)
Keywords: b2b, digital, legal

Product Manager @ ServiceChannel (New York, NY)
Keywords: Analyst, Process, Product, Requirements, Software

Right Next, Reliant, and June Journey!


Thank you to everyone who made it to our latest roundtable meet-up of The Product Group at MTV Networks / Viacom, as well as to our other sponsors, SUMMIT, Balsamiq Studios, Sunshine Suites, and Ryma Technology Solutions.

c-IMG_4022 c-IMG_4021c-IMG_4019

Over the course of the night a few of the highlights were…

Featured Product: Reliant
exploring the product, its challenges and successes, from rebranding to Redbox
(thanks to Richard Newman)

What’s Next
from vision to confirmation

The Product Group meet-ups are an opportunity for Product People (managers, strategists, marketers, etc.) to come together to meet, interact, and network in a roundtable setting. It’s awesome to meet fellow Product People in a laid-back, conversational gathering.

If you are a Product Person and are interested in having your product featured or participating as a featured guest expert at an upcoming meetup of The Product Group, contact me (or email at jhorn (a-t.) tpgblog DoT com).

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at our next meetup

Thursday, June 5th @ 7PM

Stay tuned for more announcements about June’s Featured Product Person, Matthew Smith.

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This Week’s Featured Product Management Jobs (Week of May 3, 2014)


Digital Program Director, NYC College Line @ Graduate NYC! (Brooklyn, NY)
Keywords: education, non-profit, strategy

Vice President, Product Development @ Safelite Group (columbus, oh)
Keywords: Automotive, Insurance, Product Development, Safelite, Services