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From the Importance of Handling Nothingness to Better Expression through Type

This weekend, enjoy and learn about the importance of what your company offers when there is nothing to be found, experience great tips on better expressions through better typography, and see how Pachube's Modular Innovation efforts are enabled a more interconnected, sharable world.

Every week I read thousands of blog posts. Here, for your weekend enjoyment, are some highlights from my recent reading, for you.


On Starting Up…

Sometimes more important than what you company is offering is what you offer when there is nothing to be found at all.


On Design & Product Experience…

A key component of a web product’s overall experience is Typography. A great set of tips on how to better express through ‘type.’


On Modular Innovation…

Pachube’s Modular Innovation efforts in enabling a more interconnected, sharable online world.


Have a great weekend!

Jeremy Horn
The Product Guy

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  1. This isn’t actually about nothing, it relates to denoting clear type expressions in advanced computer languages (this is important in languages like Haskell). It IS creating content from nothing – what other content is there, though?


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